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The Personal Finance Rock Stars mastermind group consists of bloggers, podcasters, and authors within the personal finance niche. We chose that name to be a constant reminder of what we’re all trying to accomplish. Our main focus is building our businesses while helping others gain better control over their finances.

Our group consists of 10 team members in 6 states across 3 time zones. Most of us had never even met in person before FinCon 2015.

The current members are:

Kim Anderson (Thrifty Little Mom)

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Thrifty Little Mom is blog dedicated to helping families pursue freedom from debt while finding joy in frugal living.  I focus my writing on infusing frugality into every aspect of life.  You’ll find free printables, tutorials, tips and tools that will benefit your thrifty life, family life, home life and crafty life.

Mastermind Related:  3 public speaking opportunities. A 20,000 pageview increase in one month related to a tip from a member of the group.


Jessi Fearon (The Budget Mama)

Jessi Fearon , author of several books and the voice behind The Budget Mama shres her tips on how to be more productive with writing. ifacebook ipinterest itwitter iinstagram

Jessi Fearon is a wife, mom of two little boys, and writer behind The Budget Mama, a personal finance site where she shares her family’s real life on a budget. She is devoted to helping her readers thrive on a budget while becoming better money managers.


Rosemarie Groner (The busy Budgeter)

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Rosemarie Groner is a personal finance blogger, wife and mom of two children. As a former State Trooper, she understands busy schedules and balancing work and life on a budget. She applies what she has learned at her website www.busybudgeter.com, giving helpful advice and encouragement to others in the same situation.


Toni Husbands (Debt Free Divas)

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Using a mix of online tools and offline, in-person events the Debt Free Divas are working hard to cultivate a community who supports, encourages, and motivates one another on to shared goals. We’re keeping the personal finance conversation in the forefront to minimize the chance that others suffer in silence, too ashamed to seek financial help in times of need.

Mastermind Related: Monthly pageviews increased 8x based on Pinterest tips provided within the group. Podcast downloads improved 1450% after learning about directories from Elle Martinez.


Michelle Jackson (The Shop My Closet Project)

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Over the past 3 years The Shop My Closet Project blog and has evolved to include my musings on: living life to the fullest, concepts on gratitude, happiness, what is enough, and how to live the best life with what you already have.

Mastermind Related: My mastermind group experience re-energized ME and inspired me to launch my freelance career.


Kristia Ludwick (Family Balance Sheet)

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Kristia is a wife and mother of 2 who went from managing millions of dollars in the corporate world to managing {much less} in her home. She is the author of the personal finance blog, FamilyBalanceSheet.org, a site dedicated to helping home economists manage their family’s bottom line. She resides in PA and spends her offline time managing her and her husband’s small business, experimenting in the kitchen, and training for her next half-marathon.


Elle Martinez (Couple Money)

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Quite simply, Couple Money is about helping the two of you build your finances together. How? By learning to live on one income and having fun with the second. I share information about what matters most to couples looking at spending more time on what they love and less time on the financial minutia.


Aja McClanahan (Principles of Increase)

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I’m an urban dweller living in the heart of the inner city and all that the phrase implies. Beyond that I am a mom, wife, business owner, and Jesus lover who happens to like where my family is at in life right now. We’ve managed to pay down debt completely, begin saving and wealth building in what is supposed to be a place where no one prospers and no one succeeds. We are beating the odds through faith, persistence and a little creativity. I’d like to continue sharing our story,  hoping it encourages and inspires people to envision and execute the impossible!


Tai & Talaat McNeely (His & Her Money)

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Talaat and Tai are a married couple of three beautiful children, who blog over at HisandHerMoney.com. His and Her Money is a journey of how two high school sweethearts fell in love, got married, but were total opposites when it came to handling their finances. They now show people how to manage money, marriage and everything in between!

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