Free and Effective Communication Tools

Learn how your mastermind group can always stay in the loop with one another with these free and effective tools.Our Mastermind Essentials series is set up so you can get your mastermind launched and ready to grow.

As more connections are made around the world, many mastermind groups are becoming more location independent.

This can be a huge benefit because you can recruit a stellar team with various strengths from a huge pool rather than a smaller one that may or may not have who you need to take things to the next level.

The challenge with having a mastermind group spread out over the country like we do is finding tools to communicate easily and effectively.

Free Communication Tools

The key is to find a communication method that works for all and helps you be stay productive and accountable to one another. There are several free options you can use in your mastermind group.

Here are a few of our favorites along with some notes.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a wonderful option as members can communicate through their mobile devices (Apple and Android) and computers.  While there is a limit to how many can be on the chat, I think it’s adequate to cover most mastermind groups.

We’ve used it substantially as part of our peer education plan. Every two weeks we sit down and one of us presents on a business related topic such as creating media kits, launching a podcasts, and building an engaging newsletter.

You can also record your meetings in case one member has another scheduled event.

Facebook Private Group

Creating a private Facebook group is simple. Since most if not all members may have a Facebook account already, it makes sense to try this out first.

I don’t recommend it for peer education. We’ve utilized it is as a go to spot for daily chats and have found it efficient.

We use Facebook as our main way to check in with one another. We have weekly goals that we set and review, keeping us accountable and allowing us to offer feedback quickly.


Skype can be used for group calls, though it may be suited for smaller sized masterminds (Skype recommends no more than five). This is another handy option as you can use it on mobile as well, which can be a necessity with a location diverse group.

(As a side note, if you podcast Skype can be a handy tool for interviews. Using the audio only feature with calls keeps your raw files high quality, making your editing that much easier.)

Thoughts on Mastermind Tools

You now see what has and hasn’t work for us, but each mastermind group is different. I’d love to hear from you about your group. What are some tools you use to keep one another in the loop?

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