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If you’re looking at expanding your business and trying out different ways to connect with your audience, you may be curious to see how others create their shows. Take a peek with the How We Create Series and catch behind the scenes glances on some of the most productive podcasters, authors, and online personalities.

Seeing as this the first interview of the series, I thought it would be fun for me to answer the questions I prepared for the series.

For those who don’t know me, I’m Elle Martinez. I’ve started blogging about money and marriage on Couple Money about six years ago. Last year, after hearing from readers and others to looking into podcasting, I began the Couple Money Podcast.See how Elle Martinez from Couple Money Podcast creates her personal finance show.

While the two have obvious overlaps I was surprised to discover that there was a significant difference in audience demographics. It’s something I hope to explore on this site as we discuss expanding your business.

Your Podcast and what it’s about?

In a nutshell, Couple Money Podcast about helping couples build up their marriage and their finances. We tackle both the numbers – paying down debt, investing for retirement and the personal – how do you take two different people and help them work towards a goal together.

How often do you release episodes?

I have a weekly show that comes out Tuesday and depending on the topic and feedback, I’ll do a follow-up show sometime that weekend.

What must have tools do you use when you create an episode for the podcast?

For audio I’m using both Audacity and Hindenburg Journalist. I started off with Audacity which a fantastic option that’s free and powerful.

I’m shifting more towards Hindenburg as I’m pouring more energy and effort onto the production side with music, ambient sounds, effects.

For my main microphone I use a Blue Yeti USB mic. It’s really easy to use and adjusting it for whenever my husband joins in is simple.

I have a Audio Tecnica AT2005 as a back-up.

What sites do you recommend?

One of the hardest parts with my podcast is creating a more polished show is including audio more effectively. I find myself depending on sites like Freesound, YouTub Audio Library, and Soniss for audio files.

To better incorporate them, I refer to gems like Transom, Radio Story School, and Alex Blumberg’s podcasting class on CreativeLive. I’m consider myself a beginner, but having these resources has helped me improve my technique and episodes.

What 3 episodes would be on your new listener playlist and why?

This a difficult one as my first instinct is to refer to my latest ones (I do belive the podcast is getting better and better), but this list has a good mix to show the range of topics and styles the podcast covers.

  • Stressed Over Debt? How to Get Free – This interview with Travis Pizel is one of my favorites. He’s so honest and open with sharing how he got into debt and what he felt when he admitted it to his wife. So glad they worked through it together and came out stronger.
  • DIY Home Repair and Care That Can Save You a Ton of Money: Mike and Lauren are one of my recent favorites. I love interviewing couples and listening to their banter and excitement at becoming financially independent.
  • Dumping Six Figures of Debt – This story was a wonderful example of how couples can have the same goals, but different approaches. Toni’s practical tips and expirience made this a stand out episode to me.

Do you listen to podcasts? Which are some of your current favorites?

I love listening to podcasts! My husband and I love listening to 99% Invisible, More or Less, and The Allusionist in the car. They usually do shows that we enjoy discussing and dissecting.

How has your mastermind group helped you build your podcast?

I’m grateful there are other podcasters in our mastermind group. There is a spirit of comadarie and everyone has been kind enough to share how they create and promote their shows.

Right now I’m learning how to better utilize social media like Pinterest and Instagram to get the word out.

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