How We…. Podcast: Tai and Talaat McNeely from His & Her Money Podcast

If you’re looking at expanding your business and trying out different ways to connect with your audience, you may be curious to see how others create their shows. Take a peek with the How We Create Series and catch behind the scenes glances on some of the most productive podcasters, authors, and online personalities. 

If Tai and Talaat look familiar, you may have caught an episode on YouTube, where they give practical and encouraging advice about marriage and money.His and Her Money Interview

Beyond their videos, they also have a popular podcast, His and Her Money Show. They have been kind enough to share a little about it, some recommendations on audio editing, and a few of their personal favorite podcasts!

Your Podcast and When You Started:

The His and Her Money Show; Started – October 2014

How would describe His and Her Money Show to a new listener?

In this podcast, we equip people to find the balance between managing their money, their marriage and everything in between. Our goal is to inspire everyone to build wealth, and become completely debt free!

How often do you release episodes?

We release one to two episodes weekly.

What must have tools/apps/sites do you use when you create an episode?

We definitely recommend that you download Audacity for editing your show. As far as recording the show we recommend the Pamela software if you have a PC, if you have a Mac then go with Call Recorder. We use these because we conduct our interviews via Skype and these software’s enable you to record your Skype calls.

There are a lot of microphone options out there but we have found the ATR-2100 to be cost effective and high quality at the same time.

What 4-5 episodes would be on your new listener playlist and why?

Do you listen to podcasts? Which three are your current favorites?

Absolutely! Some of our favorites are: This is Your Life with Michael Hyatt, The Portfolio Life with Jeff Goins, and Build Your Tribe with Chalene Johnson.

How has your mastermind group helped you build your podcast?

Our mastermind group has been a huge support to us. Some of our most listened to podcasts have come from interviewing members in our mastermind group. They are like a second family to us. We can reach out to them for advice, suggestions and even critiques.

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